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             It was September of 1994 that four trusted servants, with vision, met, planned, and produced the resurrection of "The Heartbeat", your bi-monthly NA newsletter, which presents the experiences and opinions of individual members of NA.

Originally created in 1990, by members from LA/SAN GABRIEL VALLEY (SGV) AND WESTSIDE, "The heartbeat" produced four issues and then folded. But now "THE BEAT" goes on. Strong! We wish to thank you, Greater LA, for your invaluable support. It has been our pleasure to serve you. This is your newsletter and your contribution of articles; poems, artwork and critical observations are its lifeblood.

We hope you will find personal growth, understanding, and empathy in this web site. We pray you will be moved to a new level of insight into your recovery and the valuable place you occupy as a member of Narcotics Anonymous.

The purpose of this our newsletter is to invite members to engage in a journey of recovery. We believe that these stories are presented in a manner that encompasses the diversity of our fellowship and is reflective of the spiritual awakening described in our Twelfth Step.

We offer this newsletter as a gift, addict to addict, and hope our love and concern for every addict who is trying our way of life comes across as strongly as we feel it. Please use and enjoy "The Heartbeat" newsletter.

Greater LA Newsletter Staff


The Heartbeat Disclaimer


The Heartbeat presents the experiences and opinions of individual members of Narcotics Anonymous. The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect, represent, nor are to be attributed to the Greater Los Angeles Area of Narcotics Anonymous, its member groups or Narcotics Anonymous as a whole. The publication of any article does not imply endorsement from the Greater Los Angeles Area of Narcotics Anonymous, its member groups, Narcotics Anonymous, The Heartbeat or Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

Narcotics Anonymous is a registered trademark of Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

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