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Greater Los Angeles Area Committee's Guidelines

June 2014 - Greater Los Angeles Area Literature Order Form

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Robert's Rules of Order-- Use of Parliamentary Procedure in Parliamentary Motions Guide PDF format.


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First Meeting Attendance 1953 (PDF) Picture of Jimmy (PDF) Steering Committee Minutes 1953 (1.5 MB PDF) By-Laws 1953 typed (PDF) Our Purpose 1953 (PDF) Steering Committee Minutes 1953 typed 1.1 MB PDF) Jimmy K Letter 1962 (PDF) Service Committee 1955 (PDF) Early Writings (1.9 MB PDF) Jimmy K Notes 1964 (PDF) NA Proposed By-Laws 1969 (1.4 MB PDF) From GSO of NA (1.6 MB PDF) Notes for Trusteeship (1.0 MB PDF) Trust Agreement (PDF) Just For Today (PDF) Leader List (PDF) Jimmys Big Book Cover (3.4 MB PDF) We Can Recover (PDF) Jimmy K Writings on 4 by 6 Card (PDF) Jimmy K Experience - Video Say-Do Co (1.1 MB PDF) Jimmy K Released 1983 (PDF) Where Jimmy Lived in Philly (2.0 MB) Where Jimmy & Agnes Got Married- Philly (1.6 MB) Agnes Kinnon Lived Here-Philly (1.3 MB)

  • Narcotics Anonymous History (RealAudio and Windows Media formats)
  • Jimmy Kinnon on
  • Marriage Certificate For Jimmy & Agnes          Jimmy's Death Certificate          Every Addicts Friend - Jimmy K  

    The first NA meeting was held on October 5th, 1953
    1st N.A. meeting Venue - was on the corner of Cantara & Clybourn , Sun Valley , California.
    What started with 1 meeting and a handful of Recovering Addicts and a Member with Big Dreams for Our Fellowship has turned into the 2nd largest 12 Step Fellowship in The World. 1 meeting has turned in a international, community-based association of
    recovering drug addicts with more than
    61,800 weekly meetings in 129 countries worldwide.

    Living Clean - The Journey Continues is the newest NA literature being written.

    Living Clean Discussion Boards                            Material Draft Download

    To open the Living Clean pdf file, a password is required, this is the password: WSC2012. The password needs to be entered two separate times.  Also, the file is protected against printing and editing, but is available for those with accessibility issues


    The Service System webpage has all of the material distributed since the conference, as well as background reports and a current update with the shortened session profiles for local workshops. A link to a bulletin board for the project is there as well. Updates will be posted online as they become available:   Service System Proposals Report


    "Social Media" draft for review and input

    Jimmy’s 20th Anniversay Talk
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